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Doubts and frequently asked questions

  • How should I organize my move?

    How should I organize my move?

    Thanks to the high experience in the field of office removals and removals in general, our professionals will take charge and full responsibility of the organization and the planning of all the required the operations to ultimate safely and efficiently your moving.  We take care of your Furniture and objects and to move them safely from your original work site to the new one, or from your old house to the new place.
    Of course, a move can also be made directly by the customer, renting a van and providing all the necessary by himself. However, experience and years of dedication as movers by profession gives us the knowledge about how much work there is behind a move and how much stress it can entail.
    Our first advice is not undervalue the importance of a move and all that it involves, since is never a simple thing to complete with accuracy and efficiently. Whenever you’re convinced or motivated to contact us, our technicians will be more than happy to carry out an inspection and a free quote without obligation, with the pleasure of taking away from you all the additional stress and time that a move on your own could involve.
  • But how much would it cost me?

    But how much would it cost me?

    This is probably the MAQ (Most Asked Question) and is undoubtedly among the most important factors that determines whether you choose or not to proceed to the move.
    However, we also are in a difficult position whenever we’re asked to answer as realistically as possible to the question. Many factors on our side also need to be taken in consideration, such as: the distance between the place of departure and the final destination, the possible assembly and replacement of furniture and objects, the need or not to use special vehicles or tools, customs’ bureaucratic requests and many other aspects are still variables that influence the final price of the service.
    For this reason we offer our customers and interested parties a free site inspection and a free quote, in order to be as precise and transparent as possible regarding the cost of the entire move. If you still want a general idea regarding the cost of a standard move, here is an example:
    for the removal of a three-room house including the kitchen, disassembly and reassembly of furniture (excluding internal items such as dishes, silverware and objects packaging costs), a cost of approximately € 900 can be calculated in a radius of 100 km between both locations ( departure place and final destination).

    As transparently and honestly speaking as possible, this is just an extremely general example: to make sure to have a precise and realistic quote, without any obligation, for your move, contact us and we will be more than happy to be at your complete disposal.
  • Am I, as a client, required to be on the place at the time of the move?

    Am I, as a client, required to be on the place at the time of the move?

    It is not necessary.
    Our philosophy is to leave the choice to our customers. Commonly, before carrying out the removal operations it is our habit to clarify with the client all the doubts, questions and concerns for the job (such as the relocation of the furniture or furniture reassembly, modifications, suggestions on which objects to transport first or last).

    Experience teaches us that the customer, in most cases prefers to on the place during the move. That is why, even though work or personal commitments can prevent you from attending work, we offer the possibility of moving even during weekends, without any variation on the final price.
    What really matters to our company is the satisfaction of our customers once the move is completed: that's why the price never varies, regardless what day you prefer to move with us.
  • Are furniture modifications or tailored adaptations possible?

    Are furniture modifications or tailored adaptations possible?

    As part of a move, it often happens that an adaptation or a slight modification of a piece of furniture becomes necessary or even mandatory in order to be able to reposition it and make it fit properly and esthetically pleasant in the new location.
    No need to worry! even in this case we are able to help you: the competent carpenters in our team, with decades of experience, can make small changes and / or adaptations to wardrobes, bookcases, sideboards and any other kind of furniture you may need to modify.

    Another aspect that often concerns our customers involves the kitchen.
    Our moving company also specializes in this, including any changes to the worktop or wall units, again carried out by our "wood masters".
    It is very likely that the kitchen move becomes an opportunity for a real improvement or an adaptations to the kitchen itself: our staff can take care of changes to appliances, hobs, sinks, etc. without limitations, always at very competitive price.
  • What happens in the event of an accident during the move?

    What happens in the event of an accident during the move?

    Fortunately, this is very rare: our technicians are moving professionals and treat your things with the utmost care.
    However, in the unfortunate event that objects or third parties are damaged during the move, we are covered by a complete insurance policy both towards third parties and against any damage to your property.
  • And what about tents, lighting, washing machines and dishwashers?

    And what about tents, lighting, washing machines and dishwashers?

    During the move we can also take care of furnishing accessories and dismantle the hydraulic products. However, we would like to remind you that for hydraulic and electrical adaptations you will need to contact professional plumbers and electricians, as required by current laws.
  • Do you protect my furniture and objects well during the move?

    Do you protect my furniture and objects well during the move?

    The excellence of our removals service lies precisely in the attention to detail: we treat your every object as if it were our property, we supply top quality packaging material and carry out the packaging operations personally if required. During transport, then, we put in place all the professionalism and experience acquired over decades of work and our fleet, which offers the right solution for every situation and need.
  • I still have doubts, what do I do?

    I still have doubts, what do I do?

    Do not hesitate to get in touch with us, by mail or by phone: we will gladly answer all your questions, evaluating with you your needs and the best conditions to carry out your move. Trust in Traslochi Ambrosini and bring your home or work to a new destination!
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