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House removals

Moving home quickly and safely: we transport your furniture, furnishings and personal effects to your new home and we put them back together for you.

Office removals

Move your business, be it small or large, to a new location: we do it with suitable means and plan operations.

International removals

We carry out removals throughout Italy (including the islands) but also in Switzerland and Europe, dealing with the necessary practices for abroad.

Furniture assembly and disassembly

We dismantle your furniture, from office or home, transport them and put them back in the new premises, adapting them if necessary to the new dimensions.

Clearance and transfer to landfill

Do you have to vacate an apartment? We take care of freeing any environment from heavy material and we carry out the disposal of waste and bulky waste.

National and international non-EU transport

Given our experience in the field, we put our vehicles and our drivers at the disposal of companies and individuals to carry out road freight transport in Italy and abroad.


Big storage, alarmed with the possibility of stowing any type of goods depending on the space required.

Cargo lift rentals

We rent our cargo lifts for relocations and clearances in order to facilitate operations even for apartments located at extreme heights.
Our rental solutions include cargo lifts, capable of reaching heights of up to 27 meters and a maximum capacity of 400 kg, as well as various typologies of modular stairs, adaptable to any relocation requirement.

Packaging materials supply

We provide you all the required materials to pack your belongings before the relocation.
Packing materials ensure maximum protection for your items, from the smallest and most precious ones to the bulkiest, such as sofas, armchairs, pianos and any kind of furniture.

Rental of cargo lift platforms for equipment transportation

Renting cargo lift platforms is a convenient and efficient solution to transport equipment for various professionals: locksmiths, builders, and photovoltaic installers.
It allows you to transport tools and materials quickly and safely without having to purchase a dedicated vehicle.
By choosing the right platform for your needs, you can simplify your work and save a lot of time and effort.

We move everywhere

Italy and Europe: our service knows no borders

Finding a moving company that can carry your stuff anywhere in Italy and in any country in Europe reliably and taking care of all operations is not a simple undertaking. Removals Ambrosini guarantees national and international quality removals with state-of-the-art vehicles and specialized personnel for private homes and every type of company: professional offices, furniture factories, stands for trade fairs, companies with need for deposits.





St. Moritz



... and many other destinations
national and international removals
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Choosing Traslochi Ambrosini provides you not only an excellent service but also great benefits

Entrust us with your belongings, we take care of the rest:

  • Completely insured removal service (vectorial responsibility), special and specific policies apply to consistently valuable belongings
  • Charge-free inspection on the place of loading and destination whereas necessary. One of our expert will help you understand and clear you the mechanincs and work planning for the day of the moving
  • Fully Supplied packaging material (millebule, bubble wrap,  parchment, garment boxes, mattress bags, etc.)
  • Full packaging service, on previous request
  • National and international transportation paperwork and custom documents provided
  • Collection of large binders and archives and repositioning according to customer directions and needs
  • Clearance service, disposal and transfer to landfill included
  • Fulfillment of all the necessary burocratic procedures before the move (public land occupation, etc.)
  • On request we dispose of a team of experienced and qualified professionals to help you fulfiill your needs (plumbers, electricians, carpenters, restorers)
  • Storage of materials and warehouse service for large companies, private individuals.


We also offer a special furniture assembly and disassembly service and the possibility of modifications, custom-made adaptations of your belonings to your new space and home.

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