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I mezzi di traslochi Ambrosini per il trasloco

Our vehicles

A fleet that makes any move possible

Traslochi Ambrosini has at its disposal a transport fleet counting 13 different vehicles. This allows us to provide the maximum safety, versatility (no limitations in weight or height) and efficiency.

From pick-ups to demountable trucks to vans, our vehicles can safely and quicly transport all your belongings to your new destination. 

Looking for some time and store space before reorganizing your new place? No problem.   We also provide warehouse and deposit service from few days to over six months thanks to our fully alarmed and fireproof sheds of 600 square meters and 400 square meters, a 500 square meter shed equipped with bridge crane for heavy materials and a 2000 square meter external square.

Picture of the vehicle during the move
  • Mercedes Axor

    Mercedes Axor

    Autocarro per traslochi: Mercedes Axor
    Roll-off truck with transportable ground formwork with trailer. It is the company's flagship vehicle, thanks to its maximum capacity of 150 quintals and a volume of 55 m3, equipped with a hydraulic tail-lift and completely demountable: the installed body or container is in fact removable and replaceable and can act as a deposit. In this way the materials are moved only once and the risk of ruining them is eliminated.
  • DAF LF 290

    DAF LF 290

    Closed box truck with rigid body and hydraulic tailgate, which combines a large load volume (up to 48 m3 ), an exceptional capacity (90 quintals) and extreme maneuverability.
  • Daf 1225

    Daf 1225

    Truck with a hydraulic tailgate, ideal for transport and removals, capable of reaching 45 m3 in volume and 55 quintals of load.
  • Man 11.220

    Man 11.220

    Man 11.220
    7 meters long by 2.50 m wide and 2.80 m high: a tarpaulin truck that offers more options for loading and unloading the goods: from the top, from the back and from both sides. Practicality and capacity for every situation, with 53 m3 of volume and 50 quintals of capacity. The vehicle is equipped with a tail lift with a maximum capacity of 22 quintals.
  • Iveco Daily

    Iveco Daily

    16 m3 and 11 quintals capacity van, great for moving and clearing: ideal for moving easily on all roads without neglecting transport needs.
  • Mercedes Sprinter

    Mercedes Sprinter

    One of the best performing commercial vehicles in its class, with plenty of space and perfect for transporting less bulky objects and materials. Volume 13 m3, capacity 9 quintals.
  • Mercedes Vito

    Mercedes Vito

    Pick-up for flexible transport and fast travel: the moving vehicle that combines efficiency and speed, to give you the best service in the shortest possible time. Equipped with 8 seats (with the possibility of renting), or used to transport goods with a capacity up to 10 quintals.
  • Aluminium Telescopic ladder

    Aluminium Telescopic ladder

    Long range mobile telescopic ladder, with a capacity of 250 kg, able to easily reach the highest floors, used for removals and transport to the floor.

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